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Birdwatching am neuen Strand

Exploring the bird kingdom

Calling all avid birdwatchers and onlookers, big and small, you’re in for a treat with the lively spectacle in our nearby reed belt. It’s one of the prime spots for birdwatching in Eastern Austria. The unique habitat allows you to acquaint yourself with the diverse bird species of Lake Neusiedl. With a bit of patience and some goodies from our greengrocer’s, you can observe bird species like the reed warbler, bearded tit, ferruginous duck, and heron. Meadows, shrubberies, and harbour facilities create ideal conditions for migrating birds seeking a pit stop here. When the lake’s water level drops, mudflats form, offering perfect feeding grounds for waders, herons, and ducks.

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Birdwatching possibilities  

Start your expedition at the lake's car park and follow the paths to the best viewing spots. Huge numbers of birds make these oases a natural spectacle.

Complete list of spring bird species

download the complete list of species

Our feathered guests in spring