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Neuer Strand 0790

Neuer Strand - the sustainable resort

Our exceptional location amidst the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Fertő-Neusiedler See calls for mindful stewardship. That’s why our concept is as unique as the nature surrounding us. Our strategy ensures that sustainability and regionalism are lived values at Neuer Strand. We design our area to make it usable for future generations, relying on resource-efficient materials that not only blend visually into the surroundings but also have ecological merit.

For the sake of nature and us humans

In our resort, the importance of space and nature is paramount. There are more green spaces, reeds and water than sealed areas. The goal is a symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. Our focus on regionalism is reflected in close cooperation with local food suppliers. Sourcing building materials and services from regional providers is also a given for us. Short travel distances and transparent origins are our creed.

Neuer Strand is more than just a resort – it’s a promise for a fair future. We invite you to be part of this vision and explore our wonderful region by Lake Neusiedl. Welcome to Neuer Strand, where sustainability comes to life!

Neuer Strand 3664
Sonnenuntergang am Neuen Strand mit STand Up Paddel

Our mission: Relieve and preserve nature

  • Close cooperation with UNESCO for environmentally conscious planning
  • Involvement of environmental organisations and the community in the planning process
  • Protection of flora and fauna during construction
  • Reeds belt improvement and water exchange through extension of firebreaks
  • Mud removal in the harbour basin and swimming area to reduce siltation
  • Rainwater harvesting and water-saving measures
  • Ground unsealing is crucial for carrying out this project. This involves unsealing approx. 11,000m² of ground area by replacing existing asphalt surfaces with surfaces that can be infiltrated.

Our commitment to sustainability

  • Pre-certification for gold certification from the Austrian Society for sustainable real estate management (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Immobilienwirtschaft, ÖGNI)
  • Sustainable waste and recycling concept
  • Circular economy: Use of recycled materials in construction and their reintegration back into the cycle
  • Exclusive use of electric mobility throughout the resort
  • Charging stations for cars and e-bikes
  • Energy efficiency and environmentally friendly heating/cooling
  • Certification of events in the Marina building as “Green Events” by the Austrian Ecolabel
  • Efficient heat recovery in ventilation systems
  • Efficient heating/cooling via air-source heat pumps for optimal resource utilisation
  • Deployment of modern technologies in HVAC/lighting/electrical appliances to increase energy efficiency
Neuer Stand 0770
Sonnenschirm am Neuen Strand

United by the love for the region

  • Collaboration with local craftsmen and producers
  • Use of regional products in our restaurant and greengrocer’s
  • Wood as a renewable resource for building and outdoor design
  • Interior design with natural and environmentally friendly elements
  • Green roofs for cooling, improved insulation, and habitat creation